Guest Blog: Commercial Pre-Fab Metal Building In The Bahamas. Pitfalls, do’s and dont’s.

Albany Resort Residences, Gym Facility

by Lee McCoy

When looking to start or expand your current business, there is no better way than to utilize a pre-engineered steel building. These buildings are custom designed to your requirements – whether your end use is open retail space, storage & warehouse space, a garage, or a back-of-house facility, the buildings are tailored to your location, specifications, and requirements.

Available on the market are many used facilities. These buildings can be relatively new builds or can be over fifty years old. Steel buildings have been in the Bahamas since the early 20th century. Not only have these buildings been subject to our extreme weather conditions (think salty, humid air), but design requirements have been drastically improved over the decades. From a safety standpoint, you want to make sure the building will withstand hurricane force winds and the environment they are located in.

The first step would be to get an appraisal done by a licensed real estate company, such as HG Christie. The real estate agent (or the buyer/seller) can hire an authorized manufacturers representative to inspect the building also. This inspection would point out any obvious problems and compare the cost of a new building to repairing the existing building. TMC Engineering Ltd. is an authorized Star Buildings distributor and a 100% Bahamian company, with experience in refurbishing and installing new buildings throughout the islands. Any inspection fees charged (which are nominal) are applicable to any work done on the project post-purchase.

There are a host of things to consider when purchasing a used steel building. Many modifications can add value and life to the building, such as a retrofit roof system, added insulation for energy efficiency, and replacing wall panels. Structural steel can be repaired and any damaged secondary structure can be replaced with new, galvanized materials; screw and bolts can be replaced with new long-lasting fasteners. If anchor bolts are worn away, new bolts can be drilled and epoxied into the foundation.

Whether you choose a new build or a renovation project, there are a variety of other considerations. PBR and standing-seam roof systems both offer excellent features, but vary in cost. Factory applied material coatings (essentially paint) can add years of protection to new materials. Wall panels come in a variety of options, including hidden-fastener panels and insulated metal panel systems. Insulation facings and thicknesses can decrease your BEC bill significantly, with a quick pay-off. Doors and windows can add function and curb-appeal, while skylights and ventilation make the building comfortable.

If you’re going for a new building or a used building, be sure to get an experienced builder on your side early in the process. This can save you on costs and schedule, and make sure your facility is up to your standard.

About the Author:

Lee McCoy is the President of TMC Engineering Ltd., a 100% Bahamian company founded in 1999 and based in Nassau. They are an award-winning, authorized Star Buildings distributor and installer. TMC has experience in projects large and small throughout the islands of the Bahamas & the Caribbean.


TMC Engineering Ltd.

#8 Moseley Lane

Nassau, Bahamas


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