Bahamas Building Codes

What are the building codes for the Bahamas?  If you are researching this, keep in mind that it hasn’t been updated for many years and as such many of the newer construction technologies such as some several types of new SIPS or the inflated concrete dome house has not been approved.  If you plan to use a new material or construction style, you could face a protracted delay in working with the Bahamas Ministry of Works to get it accepted.   Below are some key parts the Bahamas Building Code, or click the link below to download the entire document.

Bahamas Building Code 3rdEd.

Below images are of a beautiful home for sale in Long Beach, Great Abaco Island.  It is a 3 bedroom home ready to be completed.

7 thoughts on “Bahamas Building Codes

    1. dwallas says:

      Hi Cody, thanks for reading. you can download the code book from the link on my post. or you could visit hte Ministry of Works in Nassau to request a copy.

  1. Lee McCoy says:

    Excellent reminder about building codes in the Bahamas – we run into this issue all the time with steel buildings. Any modern codes, including IBC 2012, IBC 2015, IBC 2018, the Florida Building Code, etc, use the new wind speed maps in ASCE7-16. The minimum design speed for the Bahamas is 180mph.

  2. James. Dunne says:

    I am trying to find the requirements to code for fire safety requirement within an elevator shaft, ie smoke detector ect.

    1. dwallas says:

      Sorry I can’t help, i have not read the tome from front to back. Maybe contact Ministry of Works directly or your Bahamas Architect would be able to provide definitive answers to these questions.

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