How To Pay Bahamas Property Tax Online

Upon visiting the Abaco Office of the Department of Inland Revenue I came across this handy cheat sheet for paying Real Property Tax in the Bahamas.  In case you hadn’t realized, the Bahamas “Department of Inland Revenue” replaced or consolidated several existing agencies in the Bahamas.  Previously there were quasi independent offices where you went to pay Real Property Tax, Business License fees, and then most recently Value Added Tax.  Now these all fall under one roof (or ceiling rather).

Catchy name right, so original reminds me of something but i can’t quite put my finger on it!  But it is helpful and does make things a little easier in this country.  you can pay and print your own certificate in a few minutes with a computer and internet connection.  Lets just hope the Russians are keen to get in on this act…  Enjoy.

Paying Property tax doc

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