Everything you need to know about real estate in the Bahamas

The Compliance Commission of the Bahamas has recently published a research study which is quite an interesting read if you are in the real estate business in the Bahamas. The publication is written from the perspective of compliance and AML procedures but it offers a very well rounded overview of the real estate market and profession in the Bahamas. There is some great information contained here from the Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) about sales volume and property types within the Bahamas. There are some comments on the legal aspects of real estate in the Bahamas. It is somewhat dry water closet reading but there is some great stuff here. usually these kinds of publications are produced by real estate brokerage firms or law firms with their personal spin on it. This is the first time a comprehensive document has been produced by the Bahamas Government which means you know that all the info should be fairly accurate. Enjoy!

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