My name is Dwayne Wallas.  I am the one and only original Dwayne Wallas.  I am a British Bahamian, formerly of Nassau and now living in Abaco.  I was born in the UK and attended college in New England.   I enjoy writing sometimes, and I’ve grown to enjoy working in the Real Estate business over the years.  At least twice a year I get presented with a new scenario or problem to work through.  Many times working with people and personalities and of course helping to navigate the labyrinth of real estate and the Bahamas Government.  I love the islands and choose to stay here despite the perceived negatives that abound with island life, but there are many many upsides to it just ask a local.  I write about Abaco, The Bahamas, Real Estate and Life.  (oh and boats/fishing/sailing as well).

For all your real estate needs, questions, help feel free to email me at

or call the office at 1-242-367-5454.

3 thoughts on “About – Or Who, What, Why, When, How?

  1. Gus Adams says:

    Love your blog. Very informative on the Bahamas and particularly, Abaco. My company, PIne Street Partners, Inc., has been retain to research real estate closing activity in the Bahamas from 2005 to date. You probably can’t go back to 2005 since the BMLS didn’t start until 2008. Do you have real estate closing data from 2008 to date and if so can I purchase it from you? Having been born and raised in Miami I’ve been to the Bahamas many times. I even spent my honeymoon at Frazier’s Hog Cay near
    Andros. Fun, but tough to get there. If you have any questions, please call or email me. My number is 229,403.1857.

    Thanks, Gus Adams

  2. Heather D says:

    May I ask you what a USA buyer of a Bahamian property should look for in the closing paperwork? For a cash purchase; does the buyer record the deed? Does the attorney closing the sale provide a physical paper title? It is such an elusive process compared to USA sales transactions. How does one really know they are protected?

    1. dwallas says:

      Hi Heather, you should hire an attorney in the Bahamas. The attorney should handle title research and abstract report, ensure teh conveyance is executed properly, check on ‘outgoings’ (property tax, insurance, utilities, HOA dues, etc.) which are prorated as of date of closing. The buyer’s attorney will also handle post closing activities such as recording the documents with Registrar General, Property tax office, and pay the transfer taxes. The best way to ensure your interests are protected is to hire a reputable attorney with a reputable firm. I tend to shy away from 1 attorney firms as they could disappear overnight and you would have not recourse if there was a problem. choose a larger established firm with a good reputation. The process is not that elusive or complicated but it does require some legal expertise to ensure there are no problems when you go to sell the property again. Please take a look at this post on the matter:

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