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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,700 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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The 17th annual Big Hill Box Cart Derby on Elbow Cay (Hope Town) in the Abacos was once again a cool day of racing and fun.  The event raised over $2,500 which will aid in supporting youth programs on the island, which include the Hope Town Junior Sailing Program, the Abaco Swim Club and in the past has helped to build the community children’s playground among many others.  It happens every year on the Saturday of American Thanksgiving, this year’s date was 28th November 2015.

Held every year and organized with the leadership of Stafford Patterson, Patrick Stewart and Tom Hazel, it wasn’t always so.  The early days involved bric-a-brac carts built out of anything participants could find in the backyard.  Stories are told of carts made of dock pilings and steel drums or plywood with skateboard wheels and other crazy contraptions.  In the beginning there were many epic crashes, sadly (though maybe a good thing) this is long before everyone walked around with a smartphone video camera.  I was not around for these first iterations of the derby but the stories are entertaining to say the least.  And fortunately there were no tragic accidents to dampen the spirit of the event.  There have been some serious crashes over the past years involving a few broken bones and lots of road rash. Happily this year there were no major crashes which is a testament to how far things have come and the quality of the carts and drivers.

The winner for the 6th year straight in the Senior division was Otis Christian Wilhoyte with the gravity defying custom built cart named “White Lightning”.  The youngest driver and the winner of the junior division was Blake Cash who was fearless and determined.

This years Derby saw a total of 13 Junior entrants (age 9 – 14) and 9 Senior (15 – up) entries, 1 down from last years 22 (Juniors 8, Adults 12) so our Junior entries saw a 50% increase due to the introduction of a kit for beginners.   The two classes (Adult and Junior) run under local rules, very simple and basic with emphasis on safety. Overall winner of the day is determined by a combined score from the 3 categories (Downhill, Slalom and Showmanship).

A breakdown of the entry types show that the Juniors had:

  • 5 American Soapbox style carts
  • 4 Beginners wooden kit cars (new Class)
  • 3 Scrapped together
  • 1 Skateboard

The Adult class had:

  • 3 Scrapped together
  • 3 fancy homebuilts
  • 2 American Soapbox
  • 1 Skateboard


There were many more attendees this year and most of whom stayed longer to watch than past years due to the addition of 75 bleacher style seats alongside the racetrack. Attendance estimated to be 300+.  The event could not happen without the support of almost 40 volunteers who help to organize, get permits, track preparation and clean up, bleacher setup, food and beverage setup and sales.  The event truly speaks to the community spirit of the island.

Here is a short video ditty of the carts running down the hill:

More Photos:

In summary, this is a wonderful example of why Abaco is a great place to live, visit or invest in a second home.  Hope to see you there next year.

Hi Dwayne,

I ran across your blog ‘’ and I was hoping you could answer a question I had since you seem to be familiar.

I’ve read that to work in the Bahamas (I’m a US citizen) you need a work visa, which is somewhat of a difficult affair to secure. What about vacation rentals? Is it legal for me to purchase property in the Bahamas, and then earn income on it as a vacation rental without having a work visa?

Thanks for your help!



Hi Steve,

Glad you found my blog useful. I don’t write as often as I should.

The short answer is no you don’t need a work permit to own and operate a vacation rental home. The Bahamas has no income tax. income from a rental property is not considered work although it is income. You would need a work permit if you wanted to work as a bartender or store manager or construction etc. etc. Non-Bahamians can buy/sell/own/lease etc. real estate with relatively little regulation from the government. The majority of the vacation rental homes and condos are owned by non-Bahamians. Many use or similar websites and most have property managers who deal with everything in return for a percentage of rental income.

It is very similar to the situation when a non-US citizen comes to the USA. They can get a 6 month visitor visa, they can purchase real estate in the USA and they could rent it (I believe they have to pay tax on the rental income) but the non-US citizen does not need a work visa to own and collect the rent. They would need a work visa if they were actually gainfully employed by a company though.

Best regards,

Dwayne Wallas

I just have to share this amazing opportunity for a little investment. Drastic Price Reduction! Affordable Investment. It won’t last long and the area is beautiful.  8 miles of stunning sandy beach nearby, Abaco/Bahama Parrots stop by every morning to say hello.  Utilities ready for connection.  These lots regularly sell for $15k to $20k, leaving the lucky owner with instant equity.

If you have any young children, buy it now and save it as a college tuition investment fund.  The cost of tuition always goes but historically the prices of real estate have risen at the same rate.  In the USA, currently the average cost of college tuition is $10,000 per year according to  Assuming the area of Bahama Palm Shores grows and the value of the land in the area rises over the next 13 years, if you have a 4 year old child, and they head off to college at the age of 17 this investment could cover the cost of 2-3 years tuition.  This could be your ‘ace in the hole’.  Call today.



Here is how it should be done.  If a small private charter company can operate a regular charter service at comparable rates to the big airlines (Silver Airways, Bahamasair, American Airlines) and over a quicker more luxurious ride, then why can’t the big guys do it?  Seriously!  I recently looked up flights from Marsh Harbour to Miami roundtrip and the fare was $800.  looked up a fare to Fort Lauderdale recently too, $700.  This Saab plane is designed to handle 50 passengers, but these guys have outfitted to extra legroom and only accommodate 30 per trip.  How great is that? and the fares are significantly lower…  You know who I’m flying with next time…!

Now if we could just get Delta to fly from Atlanta….

new air service

Ever dreamt of having your own private island complete with deep water marina and 2 beautiful beaches all within an 15 minute ride to amenities?  And at a reasonable price?

Here is a sneak peek at an upcoming Private Island Listing, and this one has it all:

Cove panorama

Here’s to wishing you are thoroughly enjoying your holidays, be it Christmas, Chanuka, Kwanza or just having fun.  And may you have a wonderful 2015.  I know I am looking at it with positive thoughts. – D.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,900 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 48 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Southworth Development LLC has joined the investors who see value in the island of Abaco.  a recent announcement in local news was made recently.  see the ZNS video on youtube:

In other news, the sipsip is that the buyer for Treasure Cay walked away, so nothing will be changing there.  Shame, the hotel and commercial areas really need a major facelift and a nice 20-30 room boutique hotel on that beach would be a wonderful addition to the Island.

Happy Holiday, Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy…  well you know what I mean.

Heres to making a better effort to write updates move regularly in 2015.

Over the past 6 years, Great Guana Cay seems to have been hit harder by the receding recession than the other settlements and cays of Abaco.  Hope Town and Elbow Cay have definitely seen a strong improvement in the housing and real estate sector.  Tourism on Elbow Cay is vibrant with activity through the slow period right now.  Marsh Harbour is till struggling, but was not hit too badly.

One of the reasons for Guana Cays current situation can be attributed to Baker’s Bay – I am not bashing the community, I think it is wonderfully executed Ultra Luxury destination.  No the problem was rampant speculation was made by people buying property outside and unrelated to Bakers Bay, elsewhere on Guana Cay.  Beachfront and interior lots were being sold at twice the prices of a few years previous.  In short there was a massive bubble on the micro market of Guana Cay.  The bubble was partly due to the world at the time, real estate speculation was out of control in Las Vegas, Miami, and other touristic destinations, the mentality fed the machine and the perceived influence of Baker’s Bay added to it.  Well, bubble popped and Baker’s Bay is here and seeing great market acceptance but it has no effect on real estate values outside of the gates.  Plain and Simple.

So where does that leave things now – Guana Cay is now ripe for a significant upward correction.  In my view the pendulum swung too far down and will see a good swing back up.  Point being, Guana Cay is the place to invest in right now.  There are some spectacular opportunities on the cay.  A few Beachfront homes that if they were located on Elbow Cay they would have sold 5 times over.  On top of the expected recovery in the market in Guana Cay as a natural correction, there are some things in the wings which when they come to fruition will great enhance the cay.  More visitors, more home owners and more capacity will simple enable a critical mass which I believe will bring the island out of hibernation.

Below are some of the best bang for buck homes and lots on Guana Cay.  call or send me an email if you want more information on them.

Huge Waterfront Home At drastically reduced pricing, $899,000:


Beachfront Home for $599,000, unheard of.  And Charming too:


Rainbow Parrot, Beachfront, close to Nippers, This one would rent for 25 weeks a year almost guaranteed, $495,000


Charming recently renovated sea view cottage $249,000:


Beachfront Lot for $295,000, these beachfront lots traded at $600,000 in 2007.  It can only go back up from here:


And lastly, a settlement home for less than $100k.  Excellent rental potential.


And interior home sites can be found at prices starting at $55,000.  Guana is poised for growth, take advantage of it.

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