Office Party – Abaco Style

So here in the Bahamas, just like most other places in the world, HG Christie’s HR department says it’s good for moral to have an annual staff fun day.  It helps retention and productivity, yada yada yada…

Here in Abaco the HG Christie team recently had a team fun day or office party day.  This is how we do it in the 242 Abaco.

9am   thanks to Clint and Man in the Boat charters.  meet at the dock and head out on the Sea of Abaco.  In early October the water is still lovely warm and the air has cooled just a degree or two enough that it is pleasant not sweltering.

9:22 am.  drop a few tiny lures in and we have 5 fish in the boat in the bucket. continue cruising around Matt Lowes Cay (named after the pirate and on the market for sale… ).

fishin on

10:37 am. bored of trolling for jacks, start talking about a few heads to hit for a little spearfishing.

10:54 am first jumbo spiney lobster in the boat.  A second to follow, caught by yours truly but much smaller than the first.  But i’m not proud.

10:56 am enough swimming and free diving.  we decide to try a spot for reef fishing.

11:28 anchor down and we start jigging for a reef dweller or ten!.  In this case our reef is a sailboat wreck that wen down in Hurricane Floyd in 1999.  We are in a sheltered spot – the outer reefs had 6-8 rolling breakers coming in form a storm system out in the Atlantic off the coast of the Carolinas.  We did consider going out the cut but thought better of it, discretion being the better part of valor.

12:23 pm  we have 4 servings of reef fish (snappers & grunts) in the bucket.  each one will be a meal ready to cook in a cast iron frying pan.  cooked in butter, garlic and lime, then served whole.  Having finished most of the light refreshments (Sands Beer) and ready for lunch we head to Hope Town Inn & Marina for libations.

1:08 pm sitting down to a scrumptious lunch of seafood delights.  And that is how we roll in the 242 Abaco.


Hope you get to enjoy it too sometime, but sshhh don’t let the secret get out.  we want to keep this little corner of paradise the way it is as long as possible.  Thanks for Clint for the wonderful day.  There is nothing quite like a freshly caught crawfish boiled in salt water and served with drawn butter and lots of fresh lime.  This big daddy crawfish and his little buddy served the entire table.  Man it was delicious.

And here is me, the writer, even when we realtors are having fun, we working on the phone.  No rest for the wicked real estate agents! 🙂



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