American Airlines serving Abaco with Jet Service

American Airlines serving Abaco with Jet Service

As of this week, American Airlines is flying jet plane services to Marsh Harbour and has discontinued the prop plane service. This is a big step in ease of travel to our wonderful island. I believe they will be flying hte ERJ135 shown in the picture. Flight time is 1 hour, which shaves off a half hour to the air time, and provide a much more comfortable ride to the passengers. This marks the first regularly scheduled commercial jet plane service to the island. We are still waiting for the new airport terminal to open.

As an extension to this blog post – I am often asked about how best to get to Abaco from different parts of the world. This not an easy question to answer as it all depends on where the journey orginates. If for instance one were flying from the UK, it makes the most sense to fly direct form Heathrow to Nassau and then catch the commuter flight to MHH. it works very well and only needs a short layover in Nassau of an hour or two (assuming the Bahamasair or Sky Bahamas flights are on time).

But if one is flying from say New York, it should be easiest to get American Airlines to Miami and then take this new jet service over to MHH. Silver (aka United) Airways offers directly flights to Orlando, Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale and is an excellent option for anyone originating out of Florida. Silver is booked through United Airlines website or Expedia as United.

Several of my friends and clients love to fly Cherokee Air or Airgate or LeAir which are all technically charter companies that offer regular flights. These three companies operate good aircraft in good condition and are a comfortable alternative to the commercial airlines. I’m sorry i can’t say that about all the companies flying into Abaco.

I mustn’t forget Sky Bahamas which has started recently to provide direct link to Fort Lauderdale Airport. I do enjoy flying with them because they are a proper commercial airline service (Bahamian owned and operated) but you don’t have to go through the security screening and checkpoint of the main terminal. The Sky Bahamas desk at Ft. Lauderdale airport is down on the baggage claim level and while you don’t have any real amenities nearby when you are waiting to board the plane, you don’t have to take off your shoes and laptop and go through the cattle herd security line. I like this.

Lastly i should put in the plug for Abaco Air which provides daily service to Nassau (and North Eleuthera twice weekly). Abaco Air flies Islander plance which are slow and loud and lots of fun. you can really have an old out island experience flying with them. The planes have big windows and generally fly at fairly lot altitudes so you can see lots of details of the blue seas and green forrests underyou as you make your way to your destination. I advice bringing ear plugs but it is a fund ride to try if you’ve never flown with them.

How do you find it best to get here?

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