Saturday 19, 2013 – a beautiful day/weekend in Abaco

So the year 2013 is getting off to a very good start, I hazard to say.  Business wise, real estate seems to be showing good signs of improvement (check out my last post).  I’ve been seeing good activity both in sales and appraisals.  All price levels seem to be moving again, which is a good sign, but don’t think that prices are improving – remember we are in the ‘new market’ – good value is the key driver right now.

The first three weeks of 2013 have been absolutely stunning weather-wise in Abaco.  perfect 75-80 degrees and sunny during the days and then a casual 68-72 at night.  Could you ask for better?  The water is a little chilly for Bahamians, but many of our visitors really enjoy it regardless of the 65F degree chill :).

Anyway, last Saturday, me, the wife and the kid went down to Little Harbour had a wonderful lunch with Heather and the youngest resident of the area Fletcher.  The food at Pete’s Pub is always spectacular and in my opinion probably the best in Abaco period.  The main reason for going down was to take part in the 2nd RC Laser regatta of Abaco for 2013.  I missed the first one in Marsh Harbour due to work commitments and haven’t used the boat since last year.  As usual, no one could top Jim Kaighan who took all the bullets in every race.  I followed up with 4 seconds and 3 thirds, while Randy Key was closely on the heels with 3 seconds and 4 thirds.  It was a tight fleet and a perfect day for it.  The winds were medium and the sun was out.  While the big boys played with their toys there were a few toddlers including my daughter Clara, who had a splashing good time running up and down the sheltered beach in the harbour and splashing into the calm clear waters.

For photos of the day check out:


Above Picture: View of Little Harbour from one of my listings, ‘Top Deck’,  AS11860

All in all, a wonderful day and everyone had a good time.  Dad got to play, daughter got to splash around and exhaust herself, and mom got to relax in the sun.  What more could you ask for right?

In other news, related to Little Harbour – The following day, Sunday 20th, 2013, friends of mine and members of the Friends of the Environment organization went on a spectacular kayaking trip up in to the timeless creeks behind Little Harbour to seek out a few of the mesmerizing blue holes to be found up there.  It is a dreamy place to visit and can only be done by shallow draft boat, ie a kayak or a flats boat.  This is where the Kayak Challenge happened last year and I did a 14 mile paddle to raise funds for charity.  Little Harbour really is one of the hidden jewels of the world in my humble opinion.  If you are in Abaco you should make the effort to go down for a Blaster and lunch with your feet in the sand.

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