help to promote awareness of Environmental Stewardship

About conch conservation in the Bahamas. Enjoy!

This week I am going to promote a project of 2 very good friends of mine. They are providing a wonderful service with no direct personal gain to themselves. Producing educational and informative videos and sharing them on the web for everyone’s enjoyment and edification.

Their most recent video is about the disappearing stocks of conch on the seabeds of the Bahamas. Please take a moment to check it out. It is entertaining and informative. I can personally attest to the depleted conch stocks in the waters. As a kid it was much much easier to go out and dive up a few conch than it is now. Fishermen was go further and wider to find enough to fill the hold an make a profit.

A recent ‘letter to the editor’ of the Nassau Tribune discusses fisheries in this country and the issues facing commercial fishermen. He makes a very good point that there is no point trying to push conservation and education to Bahamian fishermen, when we allow illegal commercial fishermen from the Dominican Republic to sneak into our borders and essentially rape and pillage one of the countries few natural resources. Take a read of his rebuke of the Bahamas Government and fishing at this url:

Also, take a look around at the website and the other entertaining videos they have done. One of my favourites is the one on lighthouses.

Happy Earth Day, and lets hope we are all still here next year and don’t get taken out by a massive asteroid! :0

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