Halloween is over, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner.


Above:  Beautifully Restored and Expanded Home of Dramatic Eastern Shores Peninsula, for sale in immaculate condition.

I really shouldn’t put this in writing, but on 4 occasions over the past 2 weeks I have had inquiries from buyers who were interested in a particular property in Abaco and the property had just gone to contract, no longer available.   I hope this trend continues.  As I’ve said before it is the perfect time in the market pendulum swing to buy.  My sister is visiting from the UK and telling me how the market there has heated up significantly with bidding wars commonplace among buyers.  As noted in my last post Florida is up 30% year over year, and seeing more and more gains every week.  The Bahamas is sure to follow, with recent growth in the luxury segment in Nassau.  Exuma and Eleuthera are still struggling a little, but I expect those islands to follow suit too very soon.  Especially Exuma where a duty free building incentive is still in place making it inexpensive to build a home there.

In other news, I have word that Rum Cay is  once again going forward with resort development.  I have to say Rum Cay is one of THE most picturesque islands in the Bahamas, it is just a shame that it is so remote, unpopulated and plagued by mind boggling land title problems.  Hopefully one day that will all be sorted out.  Not all of the island has title issues and there are several development projects with very good title and lots of potential.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the best occasions in Hope Town, so make a note in your calender for The Box Cart Derby on the Saturday of Thanksgiving – great time.   And the annual Hope Town Sailing club Boxing day race the biggest and most prestigious of the year.  Christmas time is just a really nice time to be on the cays anyway.  And there are some spanking great New Years celebrations around the island.  Pete’s Pub is always a good one, and the Abaco Inn and Sea Spray always put out good spreads.

Oh… And the new Domestic (and Non-USA International) Departure terminal was opened recently and I had the pleasure of traveling through it recently.  It is very nicely done, and a massive improvement over the 50 year old terminal that we were using before with the leaky roof and terrible chairs.  enjoy these photos I took.


This coming weekend make a note of the Kayak Challenge which is a really great time, don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket for the Hobie kayak.

Me – I wish I was doing the Miami Nassau Race this weekend, but family duties call…

And lastly, Hope Town has to be one of the best places on earth to enjoy a little Halloween festivities, here is a photo of my daughter trick or treating around town.


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